How I Named My Blog

Clearwater Falls, Southern Oregon

I am a mental health advocate. I have been doing mental health advocacy for more than 15 years. I started out doing mental health advocacy as way to learn how to be a better advocate for myself. More about my personal story later.

The title of my blog comes from attending so many meetings related to mental health advocacy. I’ve lost count as to how many actual meetings and hours I’ve spent in trying to make the mental health system more responsive to the people it serves. Sometimes, I felt that I was talking to chairs rather than actual people.

When trying to create systemic change, one has to develop patience. However, I get so irritated at the lack of a sense of urgency in the mental health system. After all, it’s only people’s lives that we’re talking about!

Currently I’m a doctoral student in a social work program in the Western U.S. I want to use my blog to share some of my activities, questions, musings and other things I find of interest. This may include things about how I cope with my mental health challenges, how other people cope with their mental health challenges, issues and concerns about the physical and mental health care systems and anything else that piques my curiosity.


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